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Cosmetic Dentistry is the Science and Art of Improving Your Smile!


Possessing a great looking smile is a very powerful asset, opening doors and possibly changing your life! Not only do patients choose Dr. Filippi’s Team for all their dental needs, but especially for that ever important cosmetic improvement.


No corners are cut when planning and designing a patient’s New Smile.


Dr. Filippi’s Team continually attend the latest cosmetic courses including, LVI (Las Vegas Institute), and The Kois Center for Restorative Excellence.


This Team does a complete Smile Evaluation including: models; digital imaging, and patient approved laboratory wax-ups, before they even get started on Your new Smile. This gives every patient a very close idea of the desired result!


They stay up to date and utilize all the latest methods: technology, composites, ceramics, porcelains, bonding, and implants. All of this and more so that you can have the best dentistry has to offer with the longest lasting result.

Cosmetic Procedures

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